2 Apr 2010, 2:13pm
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Turkey – Assos

Assos also known as Behramkale, is a town where Aristotle lived for a period of time. This place that was once a  thriving civilisation, now lies in ruins.

I can’t remember the real reason why my friends and I decided to make this stop before heading to Istanbul. It could be because this was a half day trip and it fitted nicely in our itinerary.

What remains of Assos is surprisingly little. There are two main attractions. The Athena temple and the port.

This was the view from the top. A little patchy, but imagination does wonders. I bet it looks luscious during spring.


You have to take a bus to the site of the Athena temple. Do be aware of which stop you want to get off at for my friends and I missed a stop and had to be in the bus for another 10 minutes for it to make a loop.

There were strange sharp plants at the temple. It was rather painful when pricked.


The view from the top was cool… Very Athens.


Whilst my friend Limin was trying to get her cool jumping shots. I got Ganny to take this for me.


It’s the sun, the sea and the mountains.

We took the same bus down to the village. This place is touristy…


We soaked our aching and sun burnt feet into the inviting waters. Ahhh… after such a long time…


Ganny took the time to even her tan.


No those ain’t her shoes. She’ll rather die than to ever wear them.

I had my ice-cream break too. My two must haves when I got travelling. Ice-cream and corn. They make me very very happy. Really.



C’est La Vie.

I know you’ll be wondering why some of my photos have watermark and some doesn’t. My 3rd hard disk and my lappy was threatening to crash on me when I was doing the watermark for these 2 photos… I don’t know what’s with me and my anti-electronic karma. But it’s definitely driving me nuts. My 3rd hard disk is only 2 weeks old… T.h.e… a.g.o..n…y……..

Hey Valerie ,

it was great looking at the pictures of your Istanbul trip ./…i am on the way to istanbul and now waiting to board the plane…since i have an hr here, i was surfing the net and found your site ….great pictures…and good guide on where to head to…tks

Welcome. =) I hope it gave you some ideas on what one can do in Turkey.. If you’re exploring Turkey, I also do recommend going to Cappadocia. My friends and I were pretty sad that we could not fit that in, but we heard it is magnificent.



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