3 Mar 2014, 9:32pm

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Chanel Love Day 20: The Vintages

I was sieving through my photo archives and I came across a series of photos that I took of all my vintage Chanels.

It’s amazing how these Chanels have aged beautfully with time and have kept their elegance…

Made in 1970s. This art deco gripoix embellished satin evening bag was the oldest Chanel bag that I have owned. For her age, she remains surprisingly sturdy. She hails from the pre-hologram era.

Baby beige in lambskin. A 2-series, the leather has kept well with time. Unfortunately, beige ain’t my cup of tea. My one and only beige Chanel bag.

XL Jumbo in black lambskin. A 3-series. Though not as scratch resistant as caviar, this bag is really built to last. Almost 20 years old and nary a scratch on it with all the quilts still puffy. You will need to be tall to carry this off well.

Beige lambskin in halfmoon. Roomier than current wallet-on-chain, this is a lovely bag to own.

Another halfmoon in lambskin. This is just a ween bit tinier than the above lambskin. She sports a unique clasp. My first vintage purchase.

Rich burgundy reissue in lambskin. Made around the beginning of the hologram-era, this is a beautifully maintained bag. Gifted by my mother, I struggled a lot to let her go. She has since seen a change of many hands after being sold and I do often wonder what has become of her.

Another bag gifted to me by my mother. Chevron in indestructible caviar leather. A 3-series, this caviar leather surpasses those that are produced to date.

There is truth behind the timelessness of Chanel bags. And I hope you liked this little feature on vintage Chanels.

10 Nov 2013, 10:00pm

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Chanel love day 19: Lavender Grey Gold Hardware Reissue

I have a very soft spot for hard to find Chanels. And I seem to have a knack about blogging about them after I have acquired them and sold them.

Here’s one of the much sought after Chanel grey that came into my possession quickly and found a new home to go to very quickly too. So fast that I didn’t take much pictures with it! I didn’t even bring her out at all.

Here is she being wrapped very carefully before her departure.

Paired with Chanel 09 matte 226 bronze reissue.

The appeal of the 11P lavender grey reissue lies with the gold hardware. It is the only season when they released grey with gold hardware – for reissues. All other seasons, it had always been with ruthenium hardware. It’s a stunning combination, and one that is a conversation starter.

Under strong lighting, 11P morphs into silvery leather. Under soft lighting, it gives off this slight lilac sheen – which is so gentle and beautiful.

Here’s 11P grey compared with my 11A charcoal 227 reissue. Both give off different vibes. 11P being a little more cool-and-mighty, whereas 11A is a little more modern rock-and-roll.

As I was downsizing my collection to one that best fit my life, I just couldn’t justify having 2 greys in my closet. Since I was not going to give up my bronze 226 reissue, 11P had to go.

Quite often I’ll have friends ask me if I do feel heartache when I give up a bag that I really took effort to seek for. I’ll say, “I’m happier that it has gone to a better home, to be loved.” After all, to keep the wardrobe neat and tidy is the way to go.

4 Nov 2013, 5:31pm
ayden rumblings

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Instagram my life…

I’ve been more active on instagram than I am blogging.

Wearing ferragamo leopard varinas. 

It’s also easy to snap, post and share pictures of my little Ayden.

Here’s my rock star.

Or my biker wannabe.

It’s also easy to share some of my favourite things in life.

My beloved Chanel medium in black caviar with carmino bottega wallet. Oh so so very soft. 

What’s there not to love about instagram? ;)

23 Oct 2013, 10:25pm

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The 3 months hiatus…

Hello everyone!

A great big shout out. I’ve been gone for a good 3 months – the longest hiatus ever.

Well.. a lot has happened since July. My boy turned one, I have been working like mad and… I got into my second car accident, that left me jittery till now. And… the best icing on the cake, is that I have landed my holy grail bag and I couldn’t be happier about it. More on that, another time.

With the year coming to a close, I hope I’ll have more time to blog about my boy’s birthday party and reflections for the year.

Till then… lots of hugs for having accompanied me this far.

30 Jul 2013, 6:42pm

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Chanel Love Day 18: Chanel Reissue 227

I’ve always wanted to add a Chanel reissue 227 to my classic Chanel collection.

The Chanel reissue was created by Co Co Chanel in 1955. Initially fashioned out of jersey and metal chains, the reissue now comes in caviar and lambskin.

I’m a huge fan of the reissue for its light-weightness. My favourite size remains 226, as it matches my height best and it encourages me not to over squeeze bag with non daily essentials. But on days when I’m out with my son alone and I still need to look stylish, I really wished that I had a bag that was easy large enough and has easy access.

So I’ve been thinking about adding a Chanel 227 to my collection for the longest time, but was forever deterred by the price. It retails for a eye-boggling SGD7800! Oh gosh.

Then… I got lucky. Again!

From the 2011 collection, she is matte charcoal.

She looks black under faint lighting. Under bright sun light, she sports a slight grey sheen. Here is a comparison to Chanel black 226 reissue (she has since found a new owner…) to give you a better idea.

Couple shot with Marc Jacobs baby grovee in faded aluminium (this baby has also since found a new home. Val’s bag-for-adoption project is still on-going…). Notice the subtle greyish hue?

Pulling out an old photo that I took 3 years ago… Featuring my sister’s 2008 grey 227.

Readers: which grey do you prefer?

20 Jul 2013, 10:41pm
chanel rumblings:

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Bubble bubble, pearly bubbles…

Pearls are timeless, and forever. Strung on a piece of durable silk thread, these costume jewellery are classy and always dressy for any occasion.

Co Co Chanel believed that pearls made women look good. They add that tiny sparkle and elegance. At a time when women couldn’t really afford real pearls, costume pearls acted as a substitute.

Funny how 30 years down the road, these costume jewellery are still in demand despite costing more than the real deal!

After buying so many Chanel CJs, I have not figure out why I remain lured to Chanel CJs!

15 Jul 2013, 10:24pm

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Ayden: I’m 9 months old!

He is quite a charmer. Now that he is able to crawl on his fours, Ayden has begun exploring the house. Everything in sight is worth a look (and a bite).

Some days his double eye lids show, some days they stay hidden. Every day he looks different. But certainly with each day, he grows more confident of himself.

Has it really been 9 months already?

15 Jun 2013, 1:14am

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Ayden: I turn 8 months!

My dear boy standing tall at 8 months. He is a great joy to be around. And I’m very proud to be his mother.

Many things that used to be important, no longer seems to be.

Prying a toothless smile out of the little one seems far more exciting then heading the stalls to shop for new clothes.

He is my little warmth in thy heart.

31 May 2013, 9:45pm

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Morning Madness

Back to work.

New partners in crime: 5AM mornings, crying baby, spilt milk bottles, rush hour traffic and blood shot eyes.

Not sure long sustainable this lifestyle is. But boy am I happy I’m on payroll all over again.

Lugging my beloved 2.55 to work this week. love her so much. she is my work horse and has gone through my good and bad work days.


19 May 2013, 5:12pm


The infamous 09A, 10C & 12A

If you understood what I meant, it means you’re a Chanel lover like I am. You might even be a collector!

Yes, today is a very special post on the infamous reds of Chanel. The 3 reds that are regarded as holy grail to Chanel lovers. And yes, they were all housed under the same roof at one point in time.

From left: 09A, 12A & 10C

The delicious trio in gorgeous red.

10C lambskin. The best red that Chanel has ever produced. The lambskin makes the red look bright and fiery.

12A in caviar. A recent release by Chanel that made a lot of new Chanel lovers go ga-ga. For those who missed the boat on 10C, this was the bag that was very much sought after. It took me a long time to hunt her down, but it was worth it.

The new caviar bags come in iridescent caviar. It makes the bag look like the lambskin finish. From afar you can’t quite distinguish them apart. I personally prefer the old rigid caviar, but hey, the colour makes it up for it.

09A in caviar.

The colour that every one overlooked as the 10C red craze kicked in. My sister got this one season after it was released. Yes, you heard it right, one good season.

Now a comparison of the leather and finishing shall we?

Succulent lambskin.

Iridescent caviar

This is the difference between the new caviar and the lambskin.

The old caviar versus the new caviar.

Pale gold versus the silver hardware.

Hope you love this post as much as I did writing it!

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